Tony Wilson, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington
"Microsoft retains legislative consultants in a number of states to help us stay on top of high-tech issues as they play out across the country.
Since Iowa is frequently at the leading edge of these issues, it is important to us that we have access to the highest caliber local expertise. I consider us lucky to have established such a strong working partnership with AOC. Brice, Don and Tom have the range of talents and relationships that help us integrate our goals into the Iowa context."

Barry R. Ziman, College of American Pathologists, Washington DC
"Pathologists in Iowa were able to secure enactment of direct billing legislation in Iowa on their first try thanks to assistance from Avenson, Oakley & Cope. Throughout the process, I was very impressed with this firm's expertise and responsive to our needs. They are excellent problem solvers and able to execute effective advocacy under all circumstances."

  Libby Coyte, Iowa Physician Assistant Society, Des Moines, Iowa
"Year after year, the Iowa Physician Assistant Society has been able to successfully lobby legislators to enact legislation improving access to quality healthcare over the opposition of many larger, more powerful interest groups, thanks to the help of Avenson, Oakley & Cope. This firm has a great understanding of how to direct our organization's resources
in the most efficient way in order to be successful."

Kelly Hayworth, City of Coralville, Iowa
"Our city's relationship with Avenson, Oakley & Cope has proven to be a real benefit. They have a very strong understanding of how the Iowa legislature really works and they know how to get things done."